Biomass treatment system

Mion Ventoltermica has for many years designed, built and installed systems used for the treatment, processing (drying, shredding and crushing, transportation of the refined product, suction of processing waste and filtration of process air) and the energy recovery (treatment of combustion fumes with heat recovery) of the biomass in all its forms.


Further details on this system

Mion Ventoltermica biomass treatment systems allow us to meet various needs: producing electricity, obtaining pellets or briquettes or fuelling an oven for obtaining a valuable final product for the customer.

The first type of system is called a cogeneration plant while the other two are defined as process systems.
The common denominator of the three different types of system is the biomass, which consists of organic substances of vegetable origin, produced in agriculture and forestry, waste from the timber industry, such as shavings, sawdust and cut-offs.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the field, Mion Ventoltermica studies the best solution together with the customer and assists the customer in all decision-making stages, from the sizing of the machines, to the definition of the suction and filtration systems and the treatment, transportation, storage and processing of the biomass, until its energy is recovered.
In addition, every aspect relating to the electro-mechanical part of the system is carefully designed and developed by specialist technicians.

If there are potentially explosive materials, the machines are developed and produced in compliance with the Community Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive).


  • practical use of biomass;
  • recovery of waste materials to produce pellets, briquettes or to fuel an oven;
  • possibility of reducing dependence on fossil fuels through the use of biomass for power generation.
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