System for treating unpleasant smells with biofiltration

Mion Ventoltermica has been active for years in the field of design, construction and installation of systems for treating unpleasant smells with biofiltration, which allow you effectively and efficiently to reduce the odorous substances arising from production and/or machining processes and to have healthier working environments.

Biofilter in concrete and scrubbers

Further details on this system

Systems for treating unpleasant smells with biofiltration by Mion Ventoltermica allow unpleasant smelling air from production and/or machining processes to be sucked up and sent through collectors and fans to scrubbers, which, in turn, moisten it and send it to a biofilter. The last stage of treatment of the gaseous flow (biofiltration) takes place in the biofilter which then sends air with reduced concentrations of odorous substances into the atmosphere. Biofiltration is a process of reducing airborne odorous pollutants that exploits biological oxidation, i.e. the metabolic activities of micro organisms.

Contaminated air is passed through a matrix of biomass (bark, peat, etc.) placed in the biofilter, inside which there are micro organisms that can decompose the pollutants by using them as a source of nourishment.
Biofilters are used to eliminate a wide variety of organic pollutants often characterised by an intense and unpleasant smell. The presence of odorous emissions is felt mainly in the vicinity of:

  • industrial facilities;
  • composting plants;
  • waste treatment stations;
  • landfill sites.

The number and complex nature of the issues to be considered simultaneously for the smooth running of the process of biofiltration require the use of IT systems and software, specially designed and developed by us, so that the entire system can be monitored constantly and in real time.
Due to high production flexibility and expertise gained over the years, we design and manufacture scrubbers and biofilters based on the specific needs of our customers and the type of substances to be treated.


  • compliance with the applicable law on the environment;
  • healthy working environment though appropriate changes of air;
  • reduction in the level of smells in the saturated air after treatment.
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