Painting and finishing

Painting and finishing processes generate paint particles and volatile organic compounds (VOC) which, if airborne and inhaled, can cause serious damage to the health of workers.
Mion Ventoltermica addresses this need perfectly by designing, building and installing paint spray and VOC suction and reduction systems, which allow you to:

  • maintain equipment and process performance;
  • increase the quality of finished products;
  • comply with legal requirements concerning atmospheric emissions.
Painting booth with external dry scrubbing

More details about the machines

Mion Ventoltermica designs, manufactures and installs machines designed to suck up and reduce paint particles and VOC, allowing you to enjoy a number of benefits:

Improvements to your finishing process:

  • painting booths with dry filtering;
  • painting booths with water-based filtering;

Maintaining solvents partitioned:

  • partitioning booths and pressurized environments;

Complying with the law regarding atmospheric emissions:

  • dry scrubber filters;
  • bag filters;
  • activated carbon filters;

Reduced drying time:

  • drying ovens 25-45°C, ventilation;
  • radiant baking ovens 80-150°C.

The ovens are equipped with programmable temperature control and hot-air and/or radiant tube heating combined with an integrated recycling system.
Many types of paints are classified as potentially explosive, in which case the machines are developed and manufactured by Mion Ventoltermica in accordance with EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).

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