Free-standing smokestack

Free-standing smokestack, with variable diameters and height according to requirements, flanged in parts, built in AISI 304, AISI 316 steel, weathering steel or manganese.

Complete with:

  • base with drilled base plate for bolting the anchoring foundation bolts suitable reinforced with vertically welded iron plates;
  • inspection window;
  • condensate exhaust pipe at the base of the smokestack;
  • fan connector/s to the smokestack;
  • galvanised protection ladder anchored to the smokestack;
  • galvanised safety cage anchored to the smokestack;
  • pick-up nozzles for the analysis of emissions positioned at man height above the safety cage;
  • assembly nuts, bolts and screws in steel, fibre glass rope for gaskets and sealing;
  • pickling and purple grey paint for high temperatures (in the case of boiler fumes or furnaces).
Free-standing smokestack

Further Details

Upon request, the smokestack can be supplied insulated in AISI 304, AISI 316 steel or galvanised sheet metal.


  • the possibility of connecting multiple suction lines;
  • the transfer of emissions in full observance of current legislation;
  • sample point according to standards.
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