Stabilising material to be used in the production of RDF

Alternative solutions are being found to the direct disposal of materials in waste dumps, primarily the recovery and use of municipal solid waste for the production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).
Mion Ventoltermica offers its customers the know-how it has gained in the field of design, construction and installation of plants for the stabilisation of waste in biocells so that the dried product can be treated and processed by the user to obtain RDF.

Biocells aeration

Further details

Mion Ventoltermica designs, produces and installs waste stabilisation systems in biocells that allow you to:

  • retrieve non-recyclable materials that would otherwise be accumulated in landfills;
  • restrict the level of waste disposal to the fractions of waste that cannot be recovered in energy terms or as materials;
  • reduce the weight of the feed material (by up to 50%);
  • reduce the volume of stabilised mass.

Any bad smells produced by the system is adequately treated by scrubbers and biofilters to reduce odorous substances and make the working environment safer and healthier.
The number and complex nature of the issues to be considered simultaneously for the smooth running of the process require the use of IT systems and software, specially designed and developed by us, so that the entire system can be monitored constantly and in real time.

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