Producing high quality compost

Compost production is based on transforming organic waste (food scraps, grass cuttings, trimmings, etc.) from differentiated waste collection, using an aerobic biological process, which consists of placing the material inside special structures equipped with aerated floors, which can keep the material in perfect aerobic conditions and bio-oxidise it.
Parameters such as temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration are checked constantly, and in real time, so as to speed up the normal waste maturation process and obtain the biologically inert material, rich in nutrients.
All bad-smelling air produced is sucked up by fans and treated effectively and efficiently by scrubbers and a biofilter, produced by us so as to have working environments that are healthier and safer.
Mion Ventoltermica has been designing, building and installing highly-innovative and technologically-advanced composting (biostabilization) systems for many years, aimed at meeting customers’ specific needs in the most efficient way.

Biocell doors

More details about the solution

Mion Ventoltermica designs, manufactures and delivers innovative solutions for the production of compost, based on the biostabilization of organic material inside biocells, biocells in containers and covered aerated floors or bio-mounds. Once introduced into one of these systems with different degrees of efficiency, the organic material is kept in optimum conditions of temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration in order to speed up the process of maturation and obtain a product rich in nutrients. Later it is transferred to a maturation area and finally to a storage area where the process of degradation is completed.
Mion Ventoltermica sucks up and treats the bad-smelling air produced by the system using collectors and suction fans, which send it to the scrubbers and then to a biofilter for purification.
The number and complex nature of the issues to be considered simultaneously for the smooth running of the process of biostabilization  require the use of IT systems and software, specially designed and developed by us, so that the entire process can be monitored constantly and in real time.

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