Transforming biomass into fuel for energy recovery

The production of electricity using CHP biomass systems i.e. boilers that use biomass products to heat water is one of the many uses of biomass. This heating system produces steam capable of activating turbines which enable the production of electricity. An essential requirement for this to happen is that the biomass is properly treated and screened.
In order to meet this need, Mion Ventoltermica designs, builds and installs systems used for the treatment, processing (drying, shredding and crushing, transportation of the refined product, suction of processing waste and filtration of process air) and the energy recovery (treatment of combustion fumes with heat recovery) of the biomass in all its forms.
The machines are built on the basis of the customer’s specific needs, in relation to the type and quantity of material to be treated and the application context.
If the processing involves potentially explosive powders, the machines are developed and manufactured by Mion Ventoltermica in accordance with EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive).

Refiner mill with mobile hammers

More details about the solution

In order to be turned into fuel for energy recovery, biomass needs to be dried and then properly treated through the following processes:

  • Shredding and crushing (refining)
    In order to shred waste wood, one usually uses a shredding machine, followed by a blade mill or a hammer mill for crushing.
  • Removal of non-woody substances (selection)
    Once shredded and crushed, the woody residue is purified from any foreign substances it might contain. Metallic materials are removed by magnetic separation while inert materials are separated out using wind separators which operate using flows of air.
  • Homogenization and classification of particle sizes (screening)
    All remaining woody material is separated according to particle size using separators and/or screens. The fraction of the material that fits the particle size for the next process cycle continues its course, while the coarser material undergoes a second phase of particle size homogenization with refining machines.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the field, Mion Ventoltermica studies the best solution together with the customer and assists the customer in all decision-making stages, from the sizing of the machines, to the definition of the suction and filtration systems and the transportation, storage and processing of the biomass, until its energy is recovered.
If the processing involves potentially explosive dust, the machines are developed and manufactured by Mion Ventoltermica in accordance with EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive).

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