Composting system

Mion Ventoltermica has long-term experience in the field of design, construction and installation of composting (biostabilisation) plants. These systems are highly innovative and technologically-advanced. They can produce high quality compost and, at the same time, treat unpleasant smells effectively and efficiently. Our systems allow you to have a healthier and safer workplace and to comply with applicable laws.

Further details on this system

Composting plants (biostabilisation) involves the bio-oxidation of organic material from differentiated refuse collection, using one of the following systems: biocells, biocells in containers and covered aerated floors or bio-mounds.
Once introduced into one of these composting plants with different degrees of efficiency, the organic material is kept in optimum conditions of temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration in order to speed up the process of maturation and obtain a product rich in nutrients (compost).
A series of detectors for the different process parameters regulate the air that is blown in from under the floor, ensuring the required supply of oxygen and the optimum temperature for the fermentation processes that must remain under aerobic conditions.
The material resulting from these processes is then transferred into an area of maturation and then moved to a storage area, where the process of degradation is completed.

Any unpleasant-smelling air is directed through the collectors and fans to scrubbers (cleaning towers) before being sent to a biofilter. The last stage of treatment of the gaseous flow takes place in the biofilter which then sends air with reduced concentrations of odorous substances into the atmosphere.

The number and complex nature of the issues to be considered simultaneously for the smooth running of the process of biostabilisation require the use of IT systems and software, specially designed and developed by us, so that the entire process can be monitored constantly and in real time.
Due to our high production flexibility and expertise gained over the years, we can find the solution best suited to the specific needs of the customer.


  • transformation of organic matter into high-quality compost;
  • compliance with the legal parameters on compost (biostabilisation) production times;
  • healthy working environment though appropriate changes of air;
  • reduction in the level of smells in the saturated air after treatment.
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