Painting and finishing system

The painting and finishing systems designed, constructed and manufactured by Mion Ventoltermica ensure the customer a high capacity of sucking up and filtering paint particles and volatile organic compounds (VOC) so as to avoid their dispersion in the workplace and their inhalation by the staff involved in the process.

Pressurized booth

More details about the machinery

The machines for painting and finishing by Mion Ventoltermica are designed and manufactured using the best technological solutions for reducing dust and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
The typical components found in a painting plant are as follows:

  • machinery used to facilitate the capture of pollutants during the painting phase;
  • system for dust reduction and/or its recovery;
  • VOC reduction system (where necessary);
  • smokestacks located at the appropriate sampling point.

In order to speed up the drying or fixing time or to improve the product finish, special ovens and/or fixing booths can be used with programmable temperature control using a hot-air and/or radiant-pipe heating system and an integrated recirculation system.
A number of paint types are classified as potentially explosive and therefore all components and machinery used in the construction of painting, drying and fixing systems must strictly comply with the EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive).


  • atmospheric emissions within legal limits;
  • compliance with the ATEX regulations;
  • compliance with UNI specification standards;
  • improved health and safety conditions within the workplace;
  • reduction in energy costs through the optimization of air flows and capturing systems;
  • improved efficiency and performance of the equipment, as well as increased quality of finished products, because you can prevent dust or pollutants settling on machine tools and surrounding elements that would affect their operation and the quality of the final product.
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