Suction, filtering and purifying air from dust, fumes, chemical mists and solvents

The at-source suction of dust, chemical mists and solvents allows greater efficiency and performance of equipment and machining/production processes, in addition to an increase in the quality of finished products, because you avoid them settling on machine tools and products or being dispersed into the environment.
A subsequent filtration and purification process reduces the emission of dust and gaseous substances into the atmosphere.
Mion Ventoltermica designs, manufactures and installs systems that suction, filter and purify air from dust, fumes, chemical mists and solvents in order to meet customers’ needs and make work environments healthier.

Bag filter

More details about the machinery

The at-source suction of dust and gaseous substances is performed by:

POWDERS (sawdust, wood shavings, plastic, paper, metals, etc.)

  • Suction arms / hoods / walls / benches;
  • Timely capture on the machine;


  • Suction hoods / arms;


  • Suction hoods;
  • Timely capture on the machine;

For subsequent filtration and purification, Mion Ventoltermica builds and installs the following machines:

  • cyclones, or multiple-cyclone filter systems (pre-scrubbers);
  • bag filters;
  • basket filters;
  • cartridge filters;
  • activated carbon filters;
  • pocket filters;
  • scrubbers;
  • biofilters.

These are dry or wet scrubbers arranged to retain dust or airborne substances found in the gaseous flow.
Processing waste and scraps of material can be recovered and returned to the production process, for use as fuel or to produce pellets and briquettes.
When treating dust from combustion fumes, you use cyclones or multiple-cyclone filter systems as pre-scrubbers and then insulated bag filters fitted with bags made of a special fabric, resistant to high temperatures and possible acid aggression.
Particular devices and precautions are taken by Mion Ventoltermica when handling potentially explosive dust, in compliance with EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive).

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