Designing systems

Progettazione ed installazione

Designing systems

All installations we supply, ranging from air suction and purification systems to waste and biomass treatment systems, are designed in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements and in full compliance with current environmental regulations. Our technical department is competent and always up-to-date and works constantly to solve any issues that might arise with air suction and purification, or biomass and waste treatment. We do all this using the latest CAD-CAM design techniques for piping and FEM calculations and analysis.

Our technical staff can give you advice on any environmental regulations or rules concerning air purification. This is true as regards Italian (national, regional and provincial) regulations and those in other countries, according to the customer’s reference area.

To do this, we use a variety of tools such as the Internet, specialist magazines, Official Journals, Chambers of Commerce, conferences, refresher courses and close partnerships with external associations such as UNIARIA (Association of air purification equipment manufacturers) and CONFINDUSTRIA VENETO EST (Association of Industries of Padua, Rovigo and Treviso), of which we are members.

Installation of systems

In addition to the design and production of various types of plants, Mion Ventoltermica also takes care of their installation.

Highly skilled and equipped teams of fitters carry out the installation, commissioning and testing of systems under the continual and careful guidance of the reference project managers, in order to ensure that customers receive the best results in the shortest time possible.