Spark detector

During the processing of wood or any other similar process material, there may be foreign bodies present in the processed material, for example due to use of worn tools.
This foreign bodies can generate sparks which, via the suction pipes, reach the filters where they can cause fires or, in the presence of dust, even explosions. The spark detectors fitted in suction pipes detect the presence of sparks also through layers of dust and rapidly activate a nebulized water spray; all sparks pass through the mist and are extinguished.

Pneumatic transport

Further Details

In the meantime, the production cycle continues to operate as normal without being interrupted.
The system can be adapted to various requirements by means of:

  • control systems confirming that the sparks have been extinguished;
  • detection and registration of all sparks;
  • switching off the single suction line or the entire system.


  • effective detection of sparks to prevent fires or, in the presence of dust, explosions;
  • sparks extinguished rapidly;
  • production cycles are not interrupted.
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