Aeraulic separation of material

You can recycle plastic, paper, rubber and other more or less heavy materials, using the aeraulic separation process. This allows you to separate out materials of different (light and heavy) densities and of various sizes using a forced air stream. The material separated by this system can be recovered and reused in additional production phases/processes, resulting in cost savings for the customer and a reduction in waste, or appropriate disposal.
Mion Ventoltermica meets this need by designing, building and installing highly effective, flexible and innovative aeraulic sorting and separating systems.

More details about the solution

In order to handle and separate materials of different densities and sizes from an air stream, such as plastic film, foam, rubber, small pieces of paper or lightweight plastic, wood, etc. you can use the following machinery:

  • air knife separators;
  • rotary separators;
  • EOLO: the air drum separator with automatic adjustment system.

These products can be included in a suitable dust suction and filtration system and a system for the collection, transportation and storage of separated materials.
Mion Ventoltermica studies the best solution together with the customer, based on the volume of treated air, the application context and the characteristics of the material to be separated. Each element is analysed and assessed so as to meet the needs of the customer.

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