Welded silo

Mion Ventoltermica designs and creates welded storage silos to reduce on-site assembly operations to the minimum with subsequent cost savings. In fact, the welded storage silos are supplied as finished items, simplifying installation operations.

If there is potentially explosive dust, the welded storage silos are developed and produced in compliance with the Community Directive 2014/34/CE (ATEX Directive).

Further Details

The welded storage silo is built in S235JR galvanized or painted sheet metal, of a suitable thickness, and consists of:

  • braced supporting legs;
  • containing element:
  • conical/truncated base;
  • closing cover in buckle plate, with protective railings on the perimeter and hole for the filtering unit.


  • Protection ladder, gangway and possible support.


  • quick and easy installation;
  • safety of material inside the silo in terms of atmospheric agents;
  • reduction in the risk of fire or explosion;
  • significant time saving in the transfer of materials from one process step to another.
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