Non-return valve

The non-return valve is an anti-explosion device applied to the suction lines of Mion Ventoltermica industrial air suction and filter systems, where potentially explosive dust is treated (ATEX).

The non-return valve is normally positioned between the bag filter and the workplace environment or, where the fan is after the filter (negative pressure filtration), between the fan and the workplace environment.

Non-return valve

Further Details

The non-return valve allows the work environment to be isolated in the event of an explosion. The explosion is blocked to prevent it from developing in the pipes and reaching the connected machines or causing injury to operators.

The explosion is isolated thanks to a damper blade which closes in the opposite direction to the air flow preventing it from returning via the filtered air return pipes.


  • installation in areas classified as at risk of explosion (ATEX zone);
  • isolation of the explosion;
  • compartmentalization of pipes even when of a large diameter.
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