Rectangular feeder

The industrial rectangular feeder allows the material to be dispensed (green wood chips, coarse material, wood shavings, sawdust, etc.) which must be used by one or more utilities, through one or more screw conveyors placed on the bottom.

The material is introduced in the upper section, through a settling cyclone or an inclined shaft, in order to load:

  • production processes;
  • boilers;
  • pellet mills;
  • briquetting presses;
  • refiners;
  • pneumatic transport lines;
  • trucks, etc..
Rectangular feeder

Further Details

The Mion Ventoltermica rectangular feeder allows the accumulation of material and ensures the correct output quantity, thanks to the minimum and maximum level indicators for controlling the quantity of product inside.
The rectangular feeder, built in S235RJ steel can be equipped internally with a shaft with harpoon guns for better mixing of the material.
Below the rectangular feeder, there can be star valves, injectors and blowers fitted.

Manufactured to fulfil ATEX requirements upon request.


  • low maintenance costs;
  • greater flexibility in terms of number and configuration of the material outlets (screw conveyors);
  • homogeneous and constant output of material;
  • management of material dosage.
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