Aeraulic sorting and separating system

Mion Ventoltermica, due to its high expertise in the field of suction and air purification, designs, manufactures and installs highly-efficient technological aeraulic sorting and separating systems, capable of perfectly satisfying the need to separate from within an air stream materials of different density (light and heavy) and variable in size. The material separated by this process can be recovered and reused in further production stages/processes or properly disposed of and/or enhanced.

Further details on this system

Aeraulic sorting and separating systems by Mion Ventoltermica allow you to handle and separate from within an air stream materials of different density and variable size through the use of air knife separators, rotary separators and/or EOLO: the air drum separator with automatic adjustment system.

The aeraulic separation process with the air knife and rotary separators starts with:

  • the conveyance of undifferentiated material inside an air knife separator via a conveyor belt. The air knife separator is placed at the head of the conveyor belt;
  • the controlled airflow generated by the fan causes the lightweight items (plastic film, foam, rubber, small pieces of paper or light plastic, etc.) to be suctioned upwards and then sent along pipes, while the heavy items (plastic bottles, plastic containers of various types, etc.) fall onto a second conveyor belt to then be collected/disposed of/recovered/enhanced;
  • next, the separate lightweight material is conveyed inside the rotary separator: the light fraction is discharged onto a conveyor belt to be collected/disposed of/recovered/enhanced, while the dust is sent to a settling cyclone and then to a bag filter for filtration.

The aeraulic separation process with EOLO, the innovative system for waste with automatic adjustment, is based on the conveyance of mixed waste (such as packaging waste, commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, etc.), by means of an adjustable conveyor belt, towards a rotating drum. A special rotating drum as it turns in both directions (clockwise and counterclockwise), depending on the type of waste to be treated.
A controlled and constant air flow causes the mixed waste to slam into the rotating drum so that the heavy part falls immediately (first collection point), while the lighter one moves forward and falls on a conveyor belt (second collection point). The dusty air is instead directed to a self-cleaning bag filter for purification.
EOLO permits to obtain a perfect product for R.D.F. (Refuse Derived Fuel) systems and similar, but also for biomass plants thanks, for example, to the exclusion of wood parts during the separation process.
Peculiarity of EOLO is the movement of the support frame of the conveyor belt designed to convey the material towards the drum.
The adjustment is completely motorized and the different types of movements (horizontal, vertical and inclined) vary depending on the input material.
The adjustments of EOLO are infinite and can be stored and recalled through a special PLC.
EOLO is available in three different sizes, depending on the customer’s needs and the quantity of waste to be separated.
EOLO therefore allows to satisfy different selection needs using a single machine: there will be no more need for multiple separation lines for different types of waste.

Mion Ventoltermica studies the best solution together with the customer, in relation to the volume of treated air, the application context and the characteristics of the material to be separated. Each element is analysed and assessed so as to meet the needs of the customer.


  • possibility of recovering separated material resulting in economic benefits and waste reduction;
  • high versatility;
  • easy and flexible installation, also together with existing production lines;
  • quick and easy maintenance and inspection;
  • low noise level.
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