Fluidized star valves

The fluidized star valves have two main uses:

  • as containment organs, to enable the solid product to pass between two environments with different temperatures;
  • as simple volumetric metering devices.

The body of the valves is in cast iron or iron, whereas the rotors can either be in cast metal or rubber.
The control unit is parallel to the metering device with gear motor.

Fluidized star valve

More details

The rotary valves can be driven by a chain and pinion system (indirect star valve) or by direct motor drive (direct star valve).
Manufactured to fulfil ATEX requirements upon request.

Fluified star valve
Figure A

  1. spline (N)
  2. bolts (O)
  3. flange (P)
  4. bolts (Q)
  5. flange (R)
  6. extraction holes (S)
  7. rotor (T)

Figure B

  1. case
  2. shaft
  3. supports
  4. blades
  5. side cover
  6. pinions
  7. chain
  8. gear motor


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