Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is commonly used for mechanical conveying dust and solid products in powder and granules.
Generally it can be in one of two shapes:

  • with a circular cross-section;
  • with polygonal cross-section.

The body of the screw conveyors are in 40/10 thick S235JR steel, with continuous pitch screw; it is equipped with heads with supports, air-tight bearings, loading inlets, materials discharge and gear-motor.
The motor unit is generally positioned parallel to the shaft with spiral, and transmission is by means of transmission chains and pinions.
Depending on the requirements, it can be built in special material with high resistance to acids and abrasions (AISI 304, AISI 316 steel, etc.).

Screw conveyors

Further Details

Coclea in tubo

  1. Case
  2. Load
  3. Supports
  4. Spiral
  5. Discharge
  6. Pignons
  7. Chain
  8. Gear motor
  9. Guard


  • durability, strength and safety;
  • high efficiency;
  • low maintenance costs.
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