Fire dampers

The fire damper is a system component designed to prevent, in case of fire, the spread of fire inside plants, ensuring perfect insulation from heat and a complete seal for both hot fumes and cold fumes.

Fire damper

Further details

The fire damper is applied on the air extraction delivery pipe which pass through partition walls classified EI120 or lower.
When open, the fire damper allows the passage of air into the suction pipe while in case of fire, it closes immediately in order to prevent the fire from spreading. By connecting the fire damper to the fire alarm and smoke detection system it is possible to anticipate the closing of the blade in relation to the direct action of the flame, thus preventing any indirect damage caused by the propagation of smoke and fumes generated by the combustion.
Fire dampers can be guillotine or butterfly (circular or rectangular) with a manual reset or electro-pneumatically controlled.
Manufactured to fulfil ATEX requirements if required.


  • allows continuity of partition walls classified EI120 or lower;
  • prevents the fire from developing.
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