Vibrating screen with industrial separators

The vibrating screen is recommended for separating material of different sizes (stones, wood, etc.) to be used for other production processes or to be recovered.

The vibrating screen is fitted with one or more overlapping grids which are moved by designated motors/vibrating motors allowing the product to pass and be separated on the basis of the grain size.

The vibrating screen allows material of suitable sizes for the next processing step to be separated from larger pieces.

The incoming material is constantly moved inside the vibrating screen allowing the material to fall into a discharge outlet. Material of a larger grain size leaves from another discharge outlet to be used in another process or to be shredded further.

Vibrating screen

Further Details

The vibrating screen has a loading inlet and two or more discharge outlets and includes:

  • control motor;
  • sieve set;
  • flexible bag set,
  • fire-prevention and anti-explosion system.

It is constructed with vibrating cases assembled with top quality materials, sieves and structures in stainless steel, self-cleaning system based on bouncing spheres and characterised by quick and easy replacement operations for the sieving elements.


  • optimum separation of material in different sizes;
  • the separated material can be used in other production processes or it can be recovered;
  • quick and easy replacement operations for the sieving elements;
  • low maintenance costs.
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