Removing material from a silo

To remove material from a storage silo you can choose from a range of different extraction systems, that are properly designed, built and installed by Mion Ventoltermica: chain extractor, inclined arm extractor, screw extractor, leaf spring with screw conveyor, plate extractor (if material is stored in containers or in concrete pits).

Chain extractor

More details about the solution

Silos are large structures that allow you to store a significant amount of product under controlled conditions in order to reduce the risk of fire or explosion and to keep it protected against the weather.
To best meet the needs of its customers, Mion Ventoltermica manufactures silos with capacities ranging from 50 to 12,000 m3 and with different structural shapes: cylindrical, conical and rectangular.
The stored material is then extracted from the bottom of the silo by using one of the following extractor devices:

  • chain extractor;
  • inclined arm extractor;
  • screw extractor;
  • leaf springs with screw extractor;
  • plate extractor (if material is stored in containers or in concrete pits).

Choosing the type of extractor depends on the design of the silo, the grain size and the quantity of product to be extracted.
If there is potentially explosive material, our machines are designed and manufactured in accordance with EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX), with evaluation and analysis of the explosion risk for the specific type of bulk goods.

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