Ring shell silo

Storage silos are large structures allowing a significant amount of product to be stored under controlled conditions in order to reduce the risk of fire or explosion and to keep it protected against the weather.
Silos allow dust and other materials derived from wood, such as sawdust, shavings, wood shavings, pellets, granules, etc. to be stored.
To best meet the needs of its customers, Mion Ventoltermica manufactures silos with capacities ranging from 50 to 12,000 m³ and with different structural shapes: cylindrical, conical and rectangular.
Storage silos are sized and constructed taking different aspects into consideration:

  • type, shape, grain size and acidity of the material to be stored;
  • amount of material to be stored;
  • specific gravity;
  • stickiness;
  • moisture.

The silos can be equipped with a self-cleaning bag filtering unit at the top used to filter the air conveyed into the loading system.
The top of the silo houses a fire-prevention ring with designated spray nozzles designed to stop any fire from developing in as short a time as possible.
If potentially explosive dust is to be treated (ATEX), explosion-proof panels are fitted at the top of the silo.


Further Details

Galvanised storage silos. Construction in steel sheet metal in various thicknesses, with flanged angle profile.

Elements jointed with galvanised bolts, sealing gaskets between the joints with self-adhesive foam rubber.

Silo consisting of:

  • U-shaped iron starting element to be cemented
  • U-shaped iron base with suitably sized HE beams
  • Base supporting structure with:
    • interlocking supporting legs
    • fairing elements
    • emergency discharge hatch
    • containing element
    • closing element with protective railings on the perimeter
  • Adapted filtering unit consisting of:
    • elements in steel sheet, flanged internally and containing
    • bags in polyester nylon fabric suitable for filtering, SNAP-RING type, complete with fastening clamps. To facilitate bag cleaning, a self-cleaning system is fitted in a suitable position
  • Accessories for the silo and filtering unit:
    • explosion-proof panels
    • air vent hatches
    • protection ladder and safety cage
    • discharge assistance hatch
    • content inspection hatch
    • filtering unit inspection hatch
    • warning light windows
    • fire-prevention ring in pipe

Storage silos are combined with special material extraction systems, the choice of which depends on the design of the silo and the type and quantity of product to be extracted.
Mion Ventoltermica manufactures storage silos in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 3834-3 (process/product certification – quality of welding and smelting of metals), UNI EN 1090-1 (execution of steel structures), Technical Construction Standards relating to certification of Transformation Centre N. 2763/13 and, more generally, in compliance with Italian laws and European directives.
If there is potentially explosive material, our machines are designed and built in accordance with EC Directive 2014/34/EC (ATEX), with evaluation and analysis of the explosion risk for the specific type of bulk goods.


  • storage of a significant amount of product under controlled conditions in order to reduce the risk of fire or explosion and to keep it protected against the weather;
  • highly flexible;
  • durability and safety.
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