Transporting bulk materials

For moving and transporting bulk materials you can use two different systems:

  • pneumatic transport;
  • mechanical transport.

A pneumatic transport system allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out operations that involve:

  • transporting material from one place to another, even over long distances (over 600 metres);
  • discharging waste material from a bag filter;
  • filling storage silos or containers;
  • mixing different materials contained in multiple silos;

all of which are performed in conditions of safety, since potentially dangerous atmospheres (e.g. ATEX) remain confined within the pipes.

Conversely, as regards mechanical transport systems, these allow you to collect, transport, lift and remove a wide variety of bulk materials through the use of the following machines:

  • bucket elevators;
  • chain conveyors;
  • horizontal or inclined, rubber conveyor belts;
  • “shaker” conveyor belts (which generate the movement of the material by vibration);
  • screw conveyors (which also allow the material to be dosed).

Mion Ventoltermica provides its customers with technologically-advanced and easy-to-fit solutions even on existing production systems.

Inclined Conveyor belt

More details about the solution

A pneumatic transport system allows materials in bulk (powders, ground materials, grains, etc.) to be moved by air, inside pipes, with an excellent ratio between cost and maintenance intervals. Generally, using this kind of system, you can carry over long, winding routes, including considerable changes in elevation, materials with:

  • the same size grains and particles;
  • low variability;
  • humidity below 20%;
  • low or non-existent stickiness.

Conversely, with a mechanical transport system, you can collect, transport, lift and extract bulk materials with:

  • variably-sized grains and inconsistent particles;
  • low viscosity.

This system has variable transport speeds and can transport bulk materials, on linear routes, in large quantities and with high specific weight. It has lower power compared to a pneumatic transport system.
For the design and construction of pneumatic or mechanical transport systems, Mion Ventoltermica takes into account a number of parameters including: the grain size and the characteristics of the material to be conveyed, its specific weight, volume, abrasiveness and the distances to be covered in order to meet the customer’s specific needs as effectively as possible.

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