Loading hopper (and unloading) with one or more augers

Material (dust, crushed wood, etc.) collection tank equipped with one or more than one screw.

The material can be discharged inside the hopper by means of:

  • buckets;
  • containers, trailer trucks and Walking Floors if it is positioned inside a shaped self-supporting depressurised booth, completely powder-free.

The hopper with the screw can be positioned on the ground or below ground depending on customer requirements.

The hopper with the screw is controlled by a star valve and blowers which transfer the material by pneumatic transport, inside the storage silo or other collection system.

Loading hopper with screw conveyors

Further Details

The loading hopper is constructed in S235RJ galvanised or painted steel, of a suitable thickness with internal continuous pitch spires, complete with thrust support head, material discharge outlets and gear motors for the feed function.


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