Cyclone filter

The cyclone filter is the combination of the cyclone separator, which purifies air from dust in situations where large amounts of materials have to be treated, and the efficiency of fabric filters, since the grain and particle size distribution requires the use of bag filters in order to comply with the current legal provisions regarding industrial emissions.

Cyclone filters can operate at pressure or under vacuum, according to the type of materials and the manufacturing processes. Bag filters are cleaned through a compressed-air counter-current system.

Cyclone filter

Further Details

The cyclone filter is made up of painted and flanged steel sheets with angular profile and consist of:

  • a body equipped with an external chute, complete with connection sockets with the delivery pipes. It is designed to optimize the airflow inlet and allow maximum efficiency. Below the inlet chute there is the purging cone section with inspection hatch.
  • the filtering unit consists of elements containing the filter bags complete with snap-ring venturi pipes, galvanized steel baskets, gaskets and clamps. Externally there are the air bags with solenoid valves which are connected via pipes to the internal distribution manifolds.

The cleaning system is controlled by an automatic economizer, which operates according to the degree of filter clogging.

Above the filtration unit there is a cover structure with a perimeter guardrail and airflow outlet equipped with a pick-up nozzle.

Manufactured to fulfil ATEX requirements upon request.


Stairs with rail fixed to the filtration unit, landing with rail, inspection door of the filtering battery, fire-fighting equipment into the pipes (diameter 2”) and switchboard of the solenoid valves.


  • high efficiency thanks to the combination of the cyclone functionality with that of the fabric filters for the treatment of coarse particulate in large quantities;
  • easy dust recovery.
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