Ventilating working environments

The air inside the workplace must be adequately and frequently renewed. The number of air changes that should be made varies according to the:

  • type of manufacturing process;
  • industrial sector;
  • characteristics and conditions inside the workplace;
  • type and amount of dust and airborne substances.

Mion Ventoltermica designs, manufactures and installs appropriate air suction and ventilation systems inside work premises.

Shaped AISI 304 fixed grid

Further details

The suction and ventilation systems in Mion Ventoltermica working environments are based on the collection and suction of dust and airborne substances and on an adequate ventilation system.

All the dusts and airborne substances arising from production processes and/or from machining are sucked up directly at source and are then conveyed outside the premises and filtered using special air scrubbing systems.

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