Chain conveyor

The Mion Ventoltermica chain conveyor allows for the handling and transport, horizontal or inclines, of coarse bulk materials. It is suitable for any type of industrial application and allows material to be transported from one or multiple inlet sections to one or multiple outlet section located at specific distances between each other, rapidly and with minimal use of personnel.

The Mion Ventoltermica chain conveyors are developed and manufactured according to the quantity and type of material to be transported and the distance to be covered in order to better meet customer needs.

Chain conveyor

Further Details

The chain conveyor, designed and constructed by Mion Ventoltermica, is suitable for handling and transporting bulk material of an uneven grain size, variable parts and with low viscosity. This machinery can be installed in reception pits and/or storage silos, or on the ground, in pits below ground or on aerial support structures.
The chain conveyor meets the main characteristic specifications of many industrial sectors and is also designed for heavy-duty, continuous use. In fact the machines are characterised by:

  • modular construction;
  • direct/indirect motorized units;
  • components which are easy to maintain and replace.

In the event of transporting abrasive bulk material the construction can, upon request, be constructed in high wear resistant steel.


  • significant time saving in the transfer of materials from one process step to another;
  • minimum use of staff, who can therefore be engaged in other activities within the company and will no longer have to manually move heavy loads;
  • transporting of mixed materials with uneven sizes and different specific gravities;
  • transport of materials with high specific gravity;
  • reduced wear and long usable life;
  • easy installation and maintenance.
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