The blower allows the necessary pressure to be created for the pneumatic transport of dust or other bulk material from a loading station to a discharge point (for example the pneumatic transport of dust from a bag filter to a storage silo, to a container, etc.).


Further Details

The blower operates by transmission coupling and is equipped with bearings, belts, pulley, protective guard and three-phase asynchronous motor.
The blower is supplied complete with:

  • sound-proof booth;
  • pressure and suction silencer;
  • non-return valve flexible connector;
  • safety valve;
  • filter;
  • three-way connector;
  • pressure gauges;
  • base with anti-vibration properties.


  • reliable and continuous air supply;
  • highly efficient compact system;
  • limited noise level thanks to the silencer and the sound-proof booth.
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