The explosion diverter is a device which protects against explosion and is installed on Mion Ventoltermica industrial air suction and filter systems, where potentially explosive dust is treated (ATEX).

The diverter is normally positioned between the bag filter and the workplace environment or, where the fan is after the filter (negative pressure filtration), between the fan and the workplace environment.

Further Details

The diverter prevents the effects of an explosion in the bag filter reaches the workplace environment through the filtered air return pipe.

The explosion occurs in isolation thanks to an approximately 180° inversion in the flow of air and the opening of the rupture membrane.

The venting of the explosion must take place in a safe area, so that it does not cause damage to property or injury to persons.


  • installation in areas classified as at risk of explosion (ATEX zone);
  • isolamento dell’esplosione;
  • 180° inversion of the flow of air in the event of explosion;
  • compartmentalization of pipes even when of a large diameter.
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