NON ATEX dry scrubber filter

The FAS type dry scrubber filter is a machine used for the filtration of air containing dust particles arising from aerosol in the presence of moisture above 15% in the gas stream. It is built with modular panels in galvanized sheet metal and is equipped with input and output sockets and removable filter holders. The filter unit consists of a filter paper wound on a metal holder.
The operation of this machine is extremely simple and effective. The gaseous flow to be filtered is introduced into the input socket; the air is forced through the filter material separating the dust from the air, only allowing the passage of the air flow from the output socket.
The type of filters used are disposable and cannot be regenerated, and are exhausted when full of polluting particles.
The use of internal filter holders makes it easy to replace the filter material.

Further details about the product

The dry scrubber filter is suitable for air filtration with the presence of dust particles arising from aerosols which is formed while spraying liquid substances in the painting processes.
Type of pollutant: solid part of the overspray of solvent-based or water-based paint products, resins, glues and lacquers.
Maximum gas flow temperature: <80°C
Use in the presence of aerosol/potentially explosive dust: NO

  • Easy and flexible installation, also together with existing production lines;
  • Easy to use;
  • Inspection, maintenance and cleaning is easy and quick;
  • Easy replacement of filtering material.
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