After-sales service


Mion Ventoltermica provides its customers with a complete and professional after-sales service which includes routine and extraordinary maintenance.


Mion Ventoltermica performs scheduled maintenance work on systems and equipment produced by us and others, and is qualified to carry out the routine maintenance required by law relating to inspections and checks on the correct operation of systems and components from:

thanks to the qualifications issued by the manufacturers following specific training courses.

Our main objective is to check that systems and machines are working properly and also to have the opportunity of keeping them in perfect working order, with the help of our team of highly skilled and qualified technicians.


Mion Ventoltermica also performs extraordinary maintenance work following unexpected events and when system and machinery operations need to be restored, with quick response time (12-72 hours) and the use of experienced and competent personnel.

Recovery operations are performed following fires, accidental breakages or due to wear and tear (bag filters, electrical components, ducts, metal structures, etc.). Recovery interventions are also performed, for example, on filters and silos, following breakages or mechanical faults in the suction or extraction systems. All this is performed by skilled personnel, qualified to work in confined atmospheres (fumes, dust, etc.).