Modular biofilter on container

The modular biofilter on container by Mion Ventoltermica is built in AISI 304 steel with a biofiltration system aimed at deodorizing odorous air resulting from the waste treatment.

The modular biofilters on container are mainly used in systems with low air capacity and non-fixed locations.

Modular biofilter on container

More details

Biofiltration is a process of reducing odorous, airborne pollutants that exploits biological oxidation, i.e. the metabolic activities of micro organisms.

The contaminated air flows pass through a matrix (biomass), humidified by means of irrigation system, in which there are the micro-organisms capable of decomposing the pollutants by using them as a source of nourishment.

The complexity, as well as the myriad issues to be evaluated simultaneously to ensure the correct execution of the biofiltration process, requires the use of IT systems and software which we have specially designed and developed, so that the entire system can be monitored constantly and in real time.


• increased flexibility as it can be moved to wherever it is required;
• removal and decomposition of gaseous contaminants using micro-organisms;
• a healthier and safer workplace environment.

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