Fixed biofilter in aluminium

Biofiltration is a technique that eliminates contaminants in the air by means of micro-biotic oxidation.

The contaminated air flows pass through a matrix (biomass), in which there are the micro-organisms capable of degrading the pollutants by using them as a source of nourishment.

Biofilters are used to eliminate a wide variety of organic pollutants often characterised by their intense and unpleasant odour.

Biofilter in aluminium

More details

Biofilters are tank-shaped and can be built with modular walls in aluminium-magnesium alloy inserted in profiles of the same material and fixed to the ground by means of plugs.
A designated grille in modular panels equipped with support feet is used as the flooring.
The biofilter is then equipped with a system of irrigation for the correct humidification of the material (biomass) and suitable instrumentation for measuring the humidity and temperature.
The entire biofilter is coated internally with a waterproof sheet, for perfect seal of the leachates.
The complexity, as well as the myriad issues to be evaluated simultaneously to ensure the correct execution of the biofiltration process, requires the use of IT systems and software which we have specially designed and developed, so that the entire system can be monitored constantly and in real time.

• removal and decomposition of gaseous contaminants using micro-organisms;
• a healthier and safer workplace environment.

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