The biocell permits the bio-oxidation of organic material (aerobic biostabilisation) from differentiated refuse collection in order to produce compost. It can also be used to stabilise the waste for the production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

It is a fully encapsulated watertight-airtight construction, inside of which, the degrading process of the organic substance can be accelerated through constant monitoring and the control of temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration.

biocell for composting plants-mvt plant


Intensive fermentation is achieved by introducing air into the biocell from the bottom, which enables:

• even oxygenation of the mass;
• the temperature to be maintained within an optimum range for microbial activity.

The process parameters of each active biocell are monitored, registered and adjusted in real time in order to guarantee the best result based on the requirements of the material to be treated.
The complexity, as well as the myriad issues to be evaluated simultaneously to ensure the correct execution of the aerobic bio-stabilisation process, requires the use of IT systems and software which we have specially designed and developed, so that the entire system can be monitored constantly and in real time.


• faster degradation process of the organic substance;
• easy and intuitive management process;
• reduction of odours;
• reduction of space required and dimensions;
• full compliance with legal parameters (respirometric index, odorous substances, etc.).

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