EOLO: the air drum separator with automatic adjustment system

EOLO, the air drum separator with automatic adjustment system, is the innovative technology designed and realised by Mion Ventoltermica.
It is a high efficient and flexible technology that allows separation between a controlled air flow and mixed waste with different density and variable in size such as:

• paper;
• plastic;
• cardboard;
• film, etc..

in order to obtain an increasingly pure and selected product.
Peculiarity of EOLO is the movement of the support frame of the conveyor belt designed to convey the material towards the drum.
The adjustment is completely motorized and the different types of movements (horizontal, vertical and inclined) vary depending on the input material.
The adjustments of EOLO are infinite and can be stored and recalled through an appropriate Mion Ventoltermica software.
EOLO is available in three different sizes, depending on the customer’s needs and the quantity of waste to be separated.


EOLO is used in the systems for the production of R.D.F. (Refuse Derived Fuel) and S.S.F. (Secondary Solid Fuel) and similar.
By means of an adjustable conveyor belt mixed waste (such as packaging waste, commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, etc.) is transferred towards a rotating drum. A special rotating drum as it turns in both directions (clockwise and counterclockwise), depending on the type of waste to be treated.
A controlled and constant air flow causes the mixed waste to slam into the rotating drum so that the heavy part falls immediately (first collection point), while the lighter one moves forward and falls on a conveyor belt (second collection point). The dusty air is instead directed to a self-cleaning bag filter for purification.




  • High efficiency in the separation of waste with different density and variable in size;
  • motorized movement in horizontal, vertical and inclined directions;
  • it can separate a large variety of waste streams;
  • it satisfies different selection needs using a single machine: there will be no more need for multiple separation lines for different types of waste;
  • controlled and constant air flow;
  • integrated blowing and suction system;
  • two different discharge points for the separated materials.


  • Innovation that meets the requirements of the Industry 4.0 plan, with consequent tax benefits;
  • high flexibility as EOLO adapts to the material to be separated;
  • easy and flexible installation, also in existing production lines;
  • low operational costs;
  • low maintenance costs;
  • quick and easy maintenance and inspections.
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