Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator for fine and granular products consisting of a closed structure fabricated from AISI 304 stainless steel, complete with connection flanges for the supply and discharge of the product; the drive unit for turning the magnetic drums is mounted to the outside of the structure.

The separator is installed at the input screen for the separation of ferrous material.


  • side brackets to support the machine support with side;
  • adjustable gate;
  • meets requirements of the ATEX directive.
Magnetic separator

Further Details

Non-binding structural dimensions and capacities:

Ø Load opening Separator capacity is

m3/h of 30 mm thick ferrous material

Approximate dimensions KW REV/SECOND
220-300 200×380 11 450x630x700 mm 0,25 31
220-400 200×480 18 450x730x700 mm 0,25 31
220-500 200×580 20 450x830x700 mm 0,25 31
325-400 200×400 23 450x700x700 mm 0,25 31
325-500 200×500 28 450x800x700 mm 0,37 31



  • elimination of metallic impurities from material to be treated.
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