Air knife separator

The MVTSL air knife separator series is used to separate materials of a different density (light and heavy) and variable size, for example plastic film, packaging, foam, rubber, plastic bags, etc., from heavy items, for example glass or plastic bottles and containers, cans, etc.
The material separated by this process can be recovered and reused in further production stages or be correctly disposed of and/or enhanced.
The air knife separator is available in different sizes, based on the volume of treated air and the application environment.

Further Details

This machine is positioned at the head of a conveyor belt and operates by means of controlled air generated by a fan. The air flow is concentrated on the arrival point of the unseparated material causing the lightweight items (plastic film, foam, rubber, small pieces of paper or light plastic etc.) to be sucked upwards and then sent along pipes, while the heavy items (plastic bottles, plastic containers of various types, etc.) fall onto a second conveyor belt to then be collected/disposed of/recovered/enhanced.


  • highly efficient in separating materials with different density and variable size;
  • low pressure loss;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • quick and easy maintenance and inspection;
  • simplicity and flexibility of installation, even where there are existing production lines.
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