Multiple cyclone filter

The multiple cyclone filter allows the abatement of coarse granular particulate in combustion fumes and acts as a pre-filter for bag filters which delays clogging.
The multiple cyclone filter is manufactured in various dimension on the basis of the flow of air.
It consists of a S235JR steel casing of an adequate thickness, inside of which a series of cast-iron cyclones are arranged.

Principle of operation:

The dust enters the cyclones tangentially and starts a vortical descent due to the effects of gravity and centrifugal force; the clean air exits upwards while the dust collects in the lower trolley container.

multiple cyclone - MvtPlant

Further Details

Settling hopper and particulate collector complete with support legs and folding metal container with wheels. These are positioned at the point of discharge to collect the unburned debris.
The multiple cyclone filter is insulated with 50 mm mineral wool with a 100kg/m3 density, external S235JR painted steel facing, complete with inspection hatches.


  • high efficiency in the abatement of coarse dust from combustion fumes;
  • low maintenance costs;
  • easy dust recovery.
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