Suction bench for diamond polishing

The Mion Ventoltermica suction bench for diamond polishing is the ideal product for the suction of fine powder which results from the processes of polishing or sanding wood, laminates, etc..

In fact the powder generated by these processes is suctioned downwards in order to prevent their inhalation and dispersion within the workplace environment.

The powder, once extracted, is conveyed to the lower section of the bench and sent, via piping, to the central filtration system.
The flared shape of the suction surface is designed to contain the spread of powder when working along the edge.

It can be equipped with front suction walls.

Working suction benches

Further Details

The Mion Ventoltermica working suction benches for diamond polishing prevent the dispersion of powder within the workplace environment.
The dimensions of the bench and the rate of airflow are variable as they depend on the size of the product to be polished, and the resulting speed necessary to capture the particulate. The efficiency of the bench in removing particulate rises in direct relation to the increase in suction speed.


  • a healthier and safer workplace environment.
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