Extractor with leaf spring

The extractor with leaf spring allows wood shavings, sawdust, etc. to be extracted from the storage silos or cement pits. It is fitted centrally on the base of the steel silos, with a high holding capacity and diameter or in circular or square cement pits.

The extractor with leaf spring is available in different sizes and is built in robust steel structure of a suitable thickness. It is equipped with a gear motor to adjust the leaf spring speed.

Inside the extractor or directly below, there is a screw conveyor for the transfer of the material.

Extractor with leaf spring

Further Details

The extractor with leaf spring allows bulk material to be extracted with humidity below 20% and density below 120 kg/m³ from storage silos with a nominal capacity of less than 100 m³ approx.

Manufactured to fulfil ATEX requirements upon request.


  • low maintenance costs;
  • durability.
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