AIR BOX – The suction inside a container

The Air Box is an integrated, compact, mobile and ready to be used system that permits to suction and filter in an easy and efficient way the dust flow coming from shredding and grinding processes of:

  • electric and telephone cables, optical fibers;
  • tires;
  • aluminium and copper radiators;
  • wood pallets;
  • WEEE (waste of electric and electronic equipment) of small size;
  • solar panels;
  • furniture, etc..


The Air Box is the best solution for all those who need to suction and filter in an easy and effective way the dust flow coming from shredding and grinding processes.

The Air Box is an innovative and performing system that includes:

  • 40’ container;
  • nr. 9 decanting cyclones;
  • nr. 2 ATEX star valves;
  • cartridge filter with automatic cleaning system and explosion-proof panels;
  • screws;
  • direct centrifugal fan;
  • direct axial fan for air recirculation inside the container;
  • electrical panel.

The Air Box can be certified EC, UL or CSA and ATEX or NFPA 68.




  • Efficient and integrated system;
  • Ready to be used;
  • Easy to use, it is just necessary to connect it to the energy power supply;
  • Suction and filtration system in just one classic container;
  • High suction capacity to optimize the yield of shredders, granulators, refiners, etc.;
  • Sound-proof system to reduce drastically the noise emissions;
  • Respect for the environment, emissions always within the limits of the law.


  • Low operational costs;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Low moving costs of the classic container;
  • It can be placed on external spaces and therefore there is no need to have big structures / establishments;
  • Flexibility – adaptation of the system to the needs of the customer.
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