The new business network: presentation press conference at ECOMONDO

03-11-2022 Revue de presse

With great pleasure we inform you that on Tuesday 8th November at 12.00 o’clock, the Blu Room South Hall of the Ecomondo fair in Rimini will open its doors to host the press conference presenting, the new business network capable of providing the complete industrial solution to Breathe Clean Air worldwide.

Three Made-in-Italy companies, leaders in their respective sectors: MVT – Mion Ventoltermica Depurazioni, Idrobase Group and Sibilia join forces, confirming Italian professionalism, know-how and attention to detail around the world.

Dust is now suppressed on the ground by Idrobase Group, vacuumed by Sibilia and filtered by MVT – Mion Ventoltermica Depurazioni: allows to eliminate PM2.5 and PM10 directly in the contexts where they are produced, avoiding their dispersion in the environment.


Nicola Saldutti – Chief Editor for Economics Corriere della Sera

Fabrizio Stelluto – U.N.A.R.G.A. Deputy Vice President

Paolo Mion – CEO MVT – Mion Ventoltermica Depurazioni
Bruno Ferrarese – Co-President Idrobase Group
Alberto Sibilia – Managing Director Sibilia


Considering the relevance and nature of the topics that will be discussed, we hope for your qualified attendance.

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