Work in progress: the biggest biodrying system of M.S.W. in Singapore

04-07-2019 News

MVT – Mion Ventoltermica is realising the biggest biodrying system of Municipal Solid Waste (M.S.W.) in Singapore.

The plant will use the MVT® – Genius proprietary technology and is planned to process 220,000 tons/year of M.S.W. for the production of Refuse Derived Fuel (R.D.F.).

The innovative system, completely designed and manufactured by MVT – Mion Ventoltermica, is being installed by MVT – Mion Ventoltermica itself in the urban center of the Asian metropolis.

The MVT® – Genius technology will permit to obtain a lot of advantages:
• high efficiency biodrying of waste;
• humidity of waste reduced to 50%;
• conversion of waste into a new source of energy;
• waste recovery instead of sending it to landfill;
• production of R.D.F. with high heating and combustion power to burn in incinerators;
• more efficient incinerators, with reduced emissions and lower environmental impact.

Odour control will be optimal thanks to the realisation of an air treatment system able to treat and deodorise more than 200,000 cm/h of exhausted air.

The project has obtained the approval and authorization from the « National Environment Agency (NEA) » of Singapore, one of the most important government institutions in the country.

Key points of the MVT – Mion Ventoltermica solution are:
• high technological level;
•software designed and developed by MVT – Mion Ventoltermica to optimise the management and control of all processes;
• the system, in the sector, is the most efficient in terms of energy consumption and with the lowest maintenance costs.

This plant is absolutely the biggest and the most technologically innovative system in the waste sector, in the Republic of Singapore. Surely it will become a new point of reference for all Southeast Asia.

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